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Shoaib Ahmad
Pakistan, Punjab, lahore, 40050
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Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 4:50:51 PM Pakistan Standard Time
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What is your definition of fashion?

Definition of fashion

(1): the winning fashion (as in dress) at some point of a selected time the spring models at the moment are on display. (2): a garment in the sort of fashion usually wears the ultra-modern models. B: a winning custom, usage, or fashion literary models have modified in current years.

What is a fashion in clothing?

Fashion is great described certainly because the fashion or sorts of garb and add-ons worn at any given time through organizations of people

What is a trend in fashion?

A fashion is what is hip or famous at a sure factor in time. While a fashion normally refers to a sure fashion in style or entertainment, there may be a fashion towards hotter temperatures (if humans are following developments related to worldwide warming).

Is fashion an art?

To solution the question, style is genuinely art. You need to be innovative and inventive to make garments that different human beings need to wear. It connects us and allows us to explicit ourselves, much like portray and drawing.

What is fashion example?

Fashion is described as a famous manner of dressing or speaking. An instance of style is a preferred fashion at the style designer’s skills contest at the tv show "Project Runway." The contemporary fashion or mode of dress, speech, conduct, etc.

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