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Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 6:31:20 PM Pakistan Standard Time

 Cars on instalments for sale in Multan

Total 383 Used cars in Multan are uploaded for sale by individuals. Prices for cars for Sale in Multan uploaded by individuals start from 280,000 and go up to 1,000,000 There are 373 used cars for sale in Multan that have pictures included in the listing.

Total 18 Used cars in Multan are uploaded for sale by dealers. Prices for cars for Sale in Multan uploaded by dealers start from 550,000 and go up to 950,000 There are 18 used cars for sale in Multan that have pictures included in the listing.

Buy new and used cars on instalments in Pakistan with fast processing from our sellers near you. Unlike Banks and Financial Institutes evaluating your bank statement and history as part of their risk management compliance, the sellers on offer short-term and long-term fix for your car financing needs by breaking the price of cars on instalments is easy. With seller confidence in your repayment commitment, you can now change your car to a new or used upgraded model of your choice

What Are Cars on instalments?

Cars on instalments means the bank or leasing company pays the amount of your required car on your behalf to the company and you need to pay the installment to the bank according to policy. Bank offer finance for your car under the terms & conditions. You need to pay the instalments to the bank otherwise you can be lost your car.

How To Cars on instalments In Multan?

A bank and leasing company fulfills your dream to buy your car but it’s a very big responsibility. Because they kept your asset as a guarantee and if you didn’t pay the cars on installments on time, you may lose your asset or car. You need to get approval for your car finance from the bank or leasing company. If the application approves, they pay the amount of your required car on your behalf and allowed you to drive freely on the road. They fixed a specific monthly installment according to the settlement and you are restricted to pay the installment on time.

How Bank Offer Cars on Instalments in Multan?

Getting finance for the car in Pakistan is not difficult. You don’t need to wait for years to get your car by leasing, after paying the initial deposit (down payment) bank gives your car in your hand. Here are the steps you need to know for car finance:

  • In Pakistan, banks take a certain percentage of the car’s total price as a down payment.
  • Send application to the bank and wait for the approval.
  • After approving the application bank will give you finance for your car and you can buy your dream car.
  • After paying the down payment you need to pay the fixed installment every month.
  • All types of vehicles are allowed for lease imported, used, and brand new.
  • For new cars, there is no limit but for the used imported vehicle there is a time limit. Used and imported vehicles older than 7 years are not allowed.
  • Most banks offer finance for cars minimum PKR of 2 lacs and a maximum PKR of 50 lacs.
  • 1-7 years cars on instalments plans offered in Pakistan.
  • For used cars, the minimum percentage of the down payment will be 20% of the car price and for a brand-new car, it will be 15% of the total car price.
  • According to the State Bank of Pakistan, a person can pay a maximum amount of 50% of its salary.

Criteria for Cars on instalments:

You need to be fit in the criteria of cars on instalments in Multan and an only eligible person can get finance for a car.

  • Only Pakistani nationals can get finance for a car from the bank.
  • If you are salaried employed you must be an age between 20 to 60 and if you are self-employed or businessman 21 to 65 age required.
  • Rs 25000/- monthly income is a must.
  • Must have job duration of 3 months and if running own business 6-month duration is required compulsory.


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