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NPRs 18,000

Saifal Nazik
Pakistan, Islamabad Capital Territory, Islamabad, 46000
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Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 1:17:32 AM Pakistan Standard Time
Condition used

Japanese Tokyo fume Heater because trafficking of Islamabad.

Operates On Low breath Pressure

Low fume Pressure Is Common These Days. This Heater Can Operate on Low Gas Pressure at Which Normal Gas Heater can Never Operate.

Japanese Tokyo Gas Heater 1 according to 50 watts Power, Can Work On UPS for sale in Islamabad

Japanese Tokyo Gas Heater Automatic Cut-Off On Gas Failure because of trafficking among Islamabad

Japanese Tokyo Gas Heater Be Immune With This Heater It Cuts Off fume Automatically When There Is fume Failure because of traffic in Islamabad

Japanese Tokyo fume Heater Cool-To-The-Touch Cabinet for traffic within Islamabad

.Have a little one then a toddler into house? No worries, Immune heater physique is tranquil as like climate outside.

Child Lock System.

Japanese Tokyo breath Heater Easy Care because of trafficking of Islamabad

Japanese Tokyo fume Heater Or Natural Gas Option Also Available and It is helpful as like electronics then home appliances

Japanese Tokyo fume Heater Less Gas Consumption because of traffic among Islamabad

Japanese Tokyo breath Heater Automatic then Digital local weather monitoring and such is proper so back namely electronics and home appliances

.When The Room Temperature Reaches Set Level The Fan then Flame Slow down Automatic And Maintaining Room Temperatures at you favored Level.

Japanese Tokyo fume Heater Noiseless as such is excellent namely old as electronics yet home appliances

Noise Like Split A/c.

Easy To Use Only Push One Button And Set The Temperature As You Want.

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