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Rs 30,000

Saifal Ali
Pakistan, Islamabad Capital Territory, islamabad, 46000
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Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 6:57:41 PM Pakistan Standard Time
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Waves Deep Freezer Regular WDFT 309 for sale in Islamabad
is an luscious Deep Freezer
has widespread storing capacity
Waves Regular WDFT 309 perform store size of Food for trafficking among Islamabad
Waves Freezer WDFT 309 is designed
can furnish immediate quickly cooling therefore the taste regarding your fruits
vegetables and sordid fill are retained yet that is useable namely electronics and domestic appliances
has twain cabin some because of Fridge
because of Freezer
Waves flagrant freezers enter with become dirty fair EMBO leaf up to expectation will increase the life and toughness about your Deep Freezer because of trafficking between Islamabad
Waves Regular WDFT 309 has latter EUTECTIC backup System so saves thy deep
Freezer from cooling lost because traffic into Islamabad
bilkul shi situation hai
cooling bhi thik hai
Waves sound freezers are accessible in distinct sizes so includes 9,11,13,15 AND 18 CFT who is accessible in single
double outlet yet triplet models as makes such incompletely fridge/freezer because of traffic into islamabad
Waves flagrant freezers are viewed according to keep one of the just selling extreme freezers into Pakistan then it is strong as much electronics then home appliances

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